At Westcon we offer a wide range of social welfare provisions for our employees. Job satisfaction, leisure, and recreation are important for everyone. Westcon wishes to help provide you, our employee, with leisure time rich in experiences and activities – then your “batteries” get charged and you are ready for new challenges.

The choices may vary somewhat among the various companies in the group but you will find most things on the list below on offer.

  • Welfare holiday homes  – in the mountains, by the sea, and in Spain.
  • Equipment for loan including trailers, scaffolding, power tiller, ski pulk (enclosed baby sled), and canoes.
  • Tickets to various events. Westcon sponsors, among others, Haugesund Football Club (FKH), and gives tickets to the employees.
  • Golf – company deals with local golf courses.
  • Westcon wishes to promote physical activity among employees. Group activities are organised by Westcon Aktiv in, among other things, cycling, skiing, football, volleyball, downhill skiing, fishing etc., and the employees can participate in training, cycling races, skiing competitions, and tournaments subsidised by Westcon.

Westcon Yards has its own points-based welfare system, read about it here: Inside Westcon

Westcon Løfteteknikk, Westcon Power & Automation and Westcon Yards Florø have their own social welfare clubs.

Westcon sin hytte på Fjellstad, Vågslid
Westcons cabin at Fjellstad, Vågslid