Always prepared

The offshore department in Westcon can be used for a lot of different missions. From welding of excavator buckets and until large jobs on platforms. One of the biggest missions is currently an extensive pipe work onshore.

Westcon is known for its great expertise inhouse and the ability to turn around very quickly and solve challenges smoothly and securely. With fewer rig commissioned the last few years, the group has also turned more toward land-based industry. It also applies to the offshore department, which takes care of jobs that takes place outside of Westcon’s own facilities and quays.

When this interview was done, there were around 70 men at work in offshore department’s portfolio. 47 were involved in a large pipe work for Veidekke at a local industrial plants. 22 was started in three different offshore rig jobs with steel, pipes, and other modification works.

115.000 kilo pipes

– One of our strengths is that we basically have a small and agile organization that also has the full capacity of Westcon to play on. We need that for the extensive pipe work. Total suppose 115 tons pipes in sizes ranging from 0.8 to 3 meters in diameter installed, and there is much rigging and lifting operations. All installation takes place at heights with scaffolding and lift. Here are most of the departments and disciplines involved from engineering and pipe workshop to transport and Westcon Løfteteknikk, says Aleksander Stople, leader of Offshore Services.

– For Westcon all missions are interesting, regardless of size, says Aleksander Stople, Head of Offshore Services. Photo: Ellen Marie Hagevik,

Rigg, ships and large projects is the offshore business associates with Westcon. Stople would like to challenge this notion a bit.

Want more local missions

With the broad expertise available at Westcon, they can do most of the jobs. Also things that not necessarily can associates with a yard.
– One of the smallest missions we’ve had recently, the welding of an excavator bucket. I think local companies can do well to get involved when they have challenges to be solved. For Westcon all missions are interesting, no matter of size. It costs nothing to get in touch, we are always available, competitive price, and provide quick answers to whether this is something we have the capacity to do, says Stople.

Made the impossible in two weeks

The Offshore department had good momentum in 2016, and also had a good entry in 2017. They also had good speed on a newly urgent mission:

Day 1: There comes a call from customer regarding piping and electrical work associated with the installation of a centrifuge on a rig.
– Can you send a man offshore in the morning to plan a job? We send the scope of work tonight. Outbound is from Kristiansund.

Day 2: Foreman Johnny Rasmussen traveling offshore. He reads up on the scope during the journey.

– The urgent job had never been possible without the large pipe bending machine, said foreman Johnny Rasmussen. Photo: Ellen Marie Hagevik,

From individual assignments to extensive pipe work

– The scope is basically to install some pipes and electrical connection of new equipment. After some clarifications and meetings with the rig and onshore, it changes to need over 60 meters 6 inch schedule 80 pipes in a route from the lower deck to the upper deck on the rig, says Stople.

Day 3-6: Foreman Rasmussen uses the weekend to measure up routing for new pipes and produces drawings for production onshore in Ølensvåg. Drawings, parts lists and equipment came in the mailbox during the weekend, Monday and Tuesday.

Day 7 and 8: Production has been going on continuously on Westcon Pipe Technology, and Wednesday night is over 60 meters pipe finished prefabricated on pipe workshop and received a coat of primer. 21.00 Wednesday night driving an express car from Westcon Yards direction Kristiansund. Thursday goes prefabricated pipes and equipment by boat from Kristiansund to the rig.

Mobilizing a team of 11 men 

-While pipes and equipment are shipped, we mobilize and send at the same time a team of 11 men offshore. The team consists of plumbers, welders and electricians to finalize work on the rig, says Stople.

Day 9- 14: Job done, and two weeks after the foreman Johnny Rasmussen traveled out just to look at the job, he comes onshore again with documentation papers for successfully completed installation. – This is possible because we have such talented professionals and the most efficient pipe production, says Stople.