Westcon Power & Automation delivers power system for full-electric passenger vessel

Technology delivered by Westcon Power & Automation AS will ensure that tourists on board of the full-electric vessel «Future of the Fjords» get an emission free and almost silent experience of the scenic Neroy fjord in Western Norway.

During the Nor-Shipping trade affair in Oslo, The Fjords announced the construction of the full-electric passenger catamaran «Future of the Fjords». It was also announced that Westcon Power & Automation will deliver the power and control systems for the vessel, that will be built by Brodrene Aa.

«There is an increasing interest in electrification of ferries and smaller vessels, and for several years, we have positioned ourselves for this market. Therefore, we are incredibly proud to be able to contribute with our solutions and vessel expertise. With its futuristic design and groundbreaking technology, it will be a big tourist attraction like the magnificent nature.», says Frode Skaar, head of sales and business development in Westcon Power & Automation.

 The management of Westcon Power & Automation was present together with representatives from the Government, the Norwegian Shipowner’s Association, Bellona and Brodrene AA, when the ship owner presented the new-built onboard of «Vision of the Fjords» at Aker Brygge in Oslo. The hybrid vessel «Vision of the Fjords» was awarded «ship of the year 2016» by the trade magazine Skipsrevyen. The sister vessel «Future of the Fjords» will be of similar design, inspired by the Trollstigen road, which stretches in zig-zag up the mountain side in Årdal, but will have an all-electric power and control system. Two 450 kW electro engines will be operated by the eSEAmatic Blue control system, developed by Westcon Power & Automation.

«Westcon Power & Automation delivers a low-weight solution and with a low number of components making it a simple system. This, together with the offered price, was decisive for our choice of partner and we look forward to continue the constructive cooperation developing the passenger vessel of the future», says Anstein Aa, technical manager at Brodrene Aa.

«Future of the Fjords» will be the world’s first all-electric passenger catamaran built in carbon. The 40 meter long vessel will take up to 400 tourists in the fjord between Flam and Gudvangen – a fjord that is on the Unescos list of world heritage.

«During the 20 minute docking, advanced charging station will charge the batteries with approximately 800 kWhof energy, which corresponds to the battery capacity of eight Tesla cars. Many tourists will most likely be fascinated by the fact that power generated by the great waterfalls along the route drives the boat almost silently through the water», says Frode Skaar.


Westcon Power & Automation sees a great market potential in the use of electrical power and steering systems for operations of vessels and ferries.

«On several occasions, the Parliament has said that low and zero emissions will be a requirement for ferries and smaller vessels. Short ferry crossings are in particular suitable for running on electrical power, and both the technology and expertise are available. An increasing number of ferry ship owners sees that this gives reduced emissions and very low operating costs, and we therefore believe in this market», says Skaar



Westcon Power & Automation’s deliverse to the «Future of the Fjords»

·         e-SEAMatic® BLUE – Energy Management system

·         e-SEA® Drive – Power conversion

·         e-SEA® Drive – Electrical motors – Tailor made, low weight

·         Batterisystem (levert av ZEM)

·         Integrated automation system (IAS) for the whole vessel

·         e-SEA® Maneuvering control system

·         Main Switchboards