Songa Enabler arrives Helgeland

The drilling rig Songa Enabler arrives at Westcon Helgeland around the end of the month to prepare new drilling assignments. Westcon Helgeland in Nesna has been commissioned to obtain a number of services.

Helgelands Bald 15.10.18:

The rig is currently drilling the exploration well “Skruis” for Equinor at the Johan Castberg field in the Barents Sea. This operation is expected to be completed by the end of October. The next drilling assignment for the rig is five production wells on the Trestakk development on the Åsgard field outside Trøndelag.

Outside Langsetvågen

On the way between the missions, the rig will arrive, where Westcon Helgeland has been commissioned by the rig owner Transocean to provide a range of services. “The rig will stay right outside here, and we will provide logistics and infrastructure,” says Arnt Skogsøy in Westcon Helgeland.

This means accommodation and offices, catering, boat shuttles and bus services for personnel involved in the operation. We will use local suppliers in all disciplines, “says Skogsøy.

As far as Helgeland’s magazine has brought in experience from several sources, the rig will mainly load equipment and carry out some tests before heading south to Åsgard.