Westcon is going to give “Kongen”, “Dronningen” og “Prinsen” power

Westcon Power & Automation is behind the technology that will make the Nesodd ferries “Kongen”, “Dronningen” and “Prinsen” electric.

The ferries “Kongen”, “Dronningen” and “Prinsen” carry yearly close to 2.7 million passengers between Aker Brygge and Nesoddtangen. Earlier this month it became known that the three boats should be converted to become electric. Westcon Power & Automation will be responsible for the conversion to a zero-emission solution for the boats.

“We have been working closely with Norled for a long time to find the best solution for this short, but very busy stretch. For us, it is a large and prestigious contract with significant workflow. Electric propulsion is the future of ferries, and we are proud to be a spearhead in this development”, said Frode Skaar, Head of Sales & Business Development at Westcon Power & Automation.

It is the shipping company Norled that has an agreement with Ruter on ferry traffic on the stretch between Aker Brygge and Nesoddtangen. The contract for rebuilding involves a significant amount of work for Westcon Power & Automation, and the first boat is scheduled to be remodeled already August next year.
“We will integrate our proprietary energy and power management system e-SEAMatic BLUE with existing automation and power systems onboard the boats,” says Skaar.
Technical director Sigvald Breivik in Norled says Westcon was chosen as a supplier based on good cooperation with the focus on finding flexible and innovative solutions for both parties.Today the three ferries goes on liquid natural gas. Westcon will replace the gas generators with batteries and necessary power electronics, making the boats plug-in hybrids. The battery system will be around 2 MWh. In addition to the actual conversion of the boats, Westcon Power & Automation will deliver the loading system on land. Land-based charging infrastructure is planned at the Rådhusbryggen with a capacity of 4 MW.– The boats are to be shipped between the trips from Aker Brygge and the charging time is estimated at 8-9 minutes. Then the boat is secured for power all day”, says Skaar.

Short ferry crossings are particularly suitable for electric power, and Westcon Power & Automation sees great potential for the use of electric power and steering systems to drive ships and ferries in the future.

“Both technology and expertise are available today. At the same time, the goverments has on several occasions decided that low and zero emissions will be required for ferries, among other things, as developments indicate that more and more ferry companies choose solutions for reduced climate emissions”, says Skaar.