Westcon supplies power for full-electric tourist ship

Technology from Westcon Power & Automation will ensure that tourists in the Oslofjord receive an emission-free and virtually silent experience on board the whole-electric vessel ‘Legacy of the Fjords’.

Saturday it became known that The Fjords company will build a sister ship to the full-electric “Future of the Fjords”, which was named Ship of the Year earlier this year. The new vessel, which from July will bring tourists around the Oslo Fjord, is called “Legacy of the Fjords”, and also includes technology from Westcon Power & Automation on board when it is to be built by Brothers Aa. 

“For many years we have had incredible good cooperation with The Fjords and Brothers Aa in the development of the full-electric vessels for the future. That’s why we are very pleased and proud that Westcon Power & Automation will provide power and management systems to Legacy of the Fjords, “said Frode Skaar, Head of Sales and Business Development in Westcon Power & Automation.

It was also recently known that the Nesodd-ferries in the Oslofjord will be electric next year. Also these will have the power and control system e-SEAMatic® BLUE from Westcon Power & Automation.