Westcon Geo

A fleet of five seismic vessels from Westcon assists the world’s leading seismic- and oil companies in the search for new discoveries in all corners of the world.

The Westcon company “Maritim Management” rents out seismic vessel and has a total of 250 employees as crew distributed on ships . Westcon has five ships, Sigma, Artemis Athene, Artemis Arctic, Artemis Angler and Artemis Atlantic. The vessels are very manoeuvrable and uses both bottom seismic, 2D, 3D and 4D seismic in difficult sea conditions.

From the start of January to mid-May, Artemis Arctic been commissioned for Dolphin, 120 kilometers northeast of Mumbai. The ship shoot 3D seismic data from six streamers, each of them six kilometers long.

The mission is characterized by strong currents, shallow seas and many other vessels to maneuver between. A mission Westcon’s fleet is well equipped for.