Personnel lift course

Personnel lift course “Statoil audit of F-2699”

The course is in conformance with the requirements of the Labour Inspection and the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority; Norsok R-005. It is approved for onshore and offshore facilities and in the shipbuilding industry.

Admission requirements:    Fall protection course.

Class A    Manually removable personnel lift

Class B    Self-operating personnel lift

Class C    Personnel lift mounted on vehicle

The goal of training is to provide sufficient theoretical and practical basic knowledge about the structure, operation, properties of use, and maintenance and control of personnel lifts, in order to avoid operational conditions that directly or indirectly may lead to loss or damage to personnel, environment or economic assets.

. Regulations, standards and safety statistics.

. The build-up of various types of personnel lifts and line-up.

. Safety regulations, Norsok R-005, local procedures and evacuation from lift.

. Hydraulics, mechanics and electricity.

. Expert control and maintenance.

. Traffic and falling objects.

. Properties of use, stability and field of application.

. Signals, signs and  radio communication.

. Operation in practice, incl. product training