Module O-1.1 Lifting gear

Module O-1.1 Lifting gear. (F-2702) No foreknowledge required. The course is a 24-hour theoretical course.

The purpose of training is to:

  1. Provide knowledge about the following to persons who will be using lifting gear in connection with strapping / slinging: Correct operation, marking, storage, day-to-day check, rejection rules and certification requirements for lifting gear.
  2. Provide knowledge about the correct operation of radio and hand signals to persons who will be communicating with crane operators in connection with lifting operations via radio, signals or signs, in order that incidents and accidents in connection with crane operations are avoided.

The course includes:

·         Regulations

·         Lifting gear

·         Lifting gear tables 

·         Work and safety

·         Signals and signs

·         Practical use of lifting gear