Areas of application

Rope-access technology is very useful and may be applied in the majority of areas. There are very few limitations as to what may be performed by means of rope-access technology.

Rope-access technology is currently being used in the following areas:

  • Oil platforms and rigs
  • Ships
  • Offshore and shipping yards
  • Construction industry
  • High-rise buildings
  • Bridges
  • Rock protection

Examples of work operations that can be carried out by means of rope-access technology:

Competent inspection
Competent inspection of various lifting equipment

Visual, video, remote inspection and NDT inspection such as MPI, eddy current, dy penetrant, lizzard, hocking.

Surface treatment
Sandblasting, painting, metalizing, cleaning.

Welding, tubing, fire protection, protection housing, hydraulics, electric plants etc.

Installation and dismantling of
Antennas, cable trays, signs, monorail beams, truss, cladding, derricks.

Protection assignments
Avalanches and avalanche protection.

Rock protection and bolting against avalanche, and surveys of relevant areas.