We have more than 30 years experience in design of electro and automation installations for all types of vessels. We have performed and delivered engineering solutions to different types of vessels; new builds and retrofits.

With our vast experience from several varied projects worldwide, our team has extensive experience in electrical documentation and designs. We work closely with our clients to be able to choose  appropriate engineering solutions with high considerations on quality, functionality and cost efficiency. Together with the Ship owner and naval architect, we play an active role in the preparation of contract and building specifications. We are always updated with classification rules and always maintain highest level of engineering work.

We provide engineering packages that will suit our clients’ needs.

  • Electric and Automation engineering
  • Preparation of Class documentation
  • Detail design
  • Preparation of starter drawings
  • Preparation of I/O lists
  • Load and Short Circuit calculations
  • Selectivity analysis
  • Light illumination calculations

E ³ Design Tool

E ³ Design Tool is a supplement to our engineering solution. It is a professional E-CAE tool used in electrical construction, automation, hydraulics or pneumatics and can easily create production drawings and documentation.