We are delivering a wide range of products for the maritime industry.

In order to be more competitive in terms of technology, delivery time and price, we have developed our own automation platform called e-SEAMatic®. It is an independent automation system that has various applications. We are using reliable suppliers for automation system’s components. We offer integrated and stand alone system solutions that can be customized based on client’s specifications and requirements.

We also have a state-of-the-art workshop built in 2014 where the production of our automation systems is being carried out.

Marine Product Portfolio

 Stand Alone System                                   Generators & Motors                             Voltage Regulator

 Automation Solutions                                   Generators                                             Voltage Regulators

  Energy Control WPA                             Shore Connection                          Asset 7

Energy Control/Hybrid Battery Solutions       Shore Power                                  Vessel Management System

AC Drives                                    Switchboard Box                             Asset 4

Power Control                                               Switchboards                                      Engine Control and Safety