Our products for offshore industry include complete power automation solutions, stand-alone systems and Ex Solutions.

We have been developing and have produced tailor-made automation solutions for the rig owners for a long time. Its strategy includes developing tools to oil and gas industry to keep the cost structure low and to provide services in a lifecycle perspective.

An example is our initiative in developing a tool and service on Ex maintenance named Inspectio. The idea behind this initiative is to create a link with electrician  doing the maintenance work in the field with the over-all chosen maintenance system like SAP or IFS.

The system was designed based on our 20 years of experience as a provider of electro services to the rig owners; taking care of the practical challenges in the filed and including the documentation demands from the authorities. This solution is designed for whatever stage the asset is in its lifecycle.

Oil & Gas Product Portfolio

Switchboard Box                                            Generators & Motors                             Voltage Regulator

 Ex Certified Workshop                                          Generators                                           Voltage Regulators

  Energy Control WPA                                     EX IRM                             Stand Alone System

Energy Control/ Hybrid Battery Solutions            Inspection, Repair and Maintenance       Automation Systems

AC Drives                                            Marine Vision System

Power Systems                                                      IR Inspections