3D visualisation

Don’t tell it – show it! “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Three dimensional visualisations and presentations can perhaps be worth more than a million words. Our customers have had a variety of 3D visualisations made, as “films”.

  • Operations can be visualised in detail – step by step.
  • New builds can be put into their actual surroundings, and the view can be seen from every angle.
  • E-learning can be actualised in photo-realistic surroundings, with installed simulations and interactive activities.

Our visualisations may be done in a range of formats, from stylised objects in stylised surroundings to photo-realistic video productions. Among the more spectacular visualisations is our point cloud film. In this, we fly through billions of laser points, and utilise viewpoints that would have been impossible to achieve with conventional video technology.

In connection with Westcon’s work with Avaldsnes Church (Olavskirken), we have made a so-called point cloud animation film, which you can find here. No video camera has been used in the making of this film, only point clouds from the laser scanner. Here you “fly” through about 3 billion laser points from roughly 70 different positions outside and inside the church. HDR photography (still photography) is used to colour in all the points.