Rig repairs, maintenance and modifications

Experience counts. In the course of the past twenty years Westcon has been a significant supplier within the offshore sector, and has executed more than 100 service and maintenance contracts on semisubmersible rigs and jackup rigs.

Westcon Yards has more than 20 years’ experience in class renewal surveys, upgrades and repairs for both Norwegian and foreign rig customers.  We are, at present, a significant supplier in the offshore sector, and offer engineer services, maintenance and modifications to drilling companies and rig owners all over the world. Our activities are specifically tailored to the rig companies’ requirements and activities.

With our yard in Ølen, western Norway – one of Norway’s most modern and successful industrial shipyards – as the starting point, we have executed more than 100 rig contracts since 1994. Today we also execute rig contracts at our yards in Florø, Nesna, or in international waters.

It is important for us to be present in the early phase of projects in order to be able to plan the rig’s time at the yard well. In order to reduce the rig’s turnaround time (during the yard stay), we carry out early phase 3D scanning and engineering work, so that much of the prefabrication work has been done before the rig arrives at the yard.

With regard to offshore installation contracts, we prefabricate as much as is possible in our workshops on land to minimise the installation period, and we send out our most experienced and multidisciplinary personnel in order to limit the number of personnel on board.

Our skilled and specialised experts handle the whole value chain in the delivery, from engineering to planning and execution phases. We always focus on the customer’s requirements in all that we do, and we deliver the agreed level of quality on time.