Design, engineering, and fabrication of equipment for the Subsea production and installation market.

Westcon’s Subsea department produces and supplies advanced constructions for the subsea market. We set high standards for the execution of our projects, something that ensures that the customer receives a finished product that is in accordance with their expectations regarding quality, costs, and delivery time.

We can offer production and preparation of equipment as close to the installation point as possible from our strategic locations, which are in the vicinity of most oil and gas fields: Ølen, Florø and Helgeland. In addition to extremely pleasant and competent employees, all our locations can offer large scale facilities, advanced production equipment, deep water quays, access to cranes for heavy lifts and anything else required to deliver both subsea constructions and modules in all sizes. In order to give our customers added value, we are committed to the streamlining and automation of our production processes, combined with skilled employees who meet the customer at every level.

Through our lengthy experience in the oil and gas industry, we are well-established as a solid player, and also have considerable experience in delivering optimal solutions to the customer, from smaller jobs to large scale and seemingly insurmountable projects. This is supported by an advanced and wholly integrated management system that ensures that both we, and the customer, have everything in the project under control from start to finish.

We deliver the following services:   

Fabrication, assembly and testing of subsea modules, for example:

  • Template and Manifold
  • PLEM and PLET
  • Pipe Spools
  • Riser Bases
  • Suction caissons/anchors
  • Lifting frames and beams
  • Protective structures
  • Installation aids
  • And much more..

Other services:

  • Unloading on the quay
  • Lifting equipment and certification
  • Dimensional control and 3D scanning
  • Animations and Simulations

Certificates: NS-EN ISO 9001-2008 NS-ISO 3834-2 Achilles

See images from subsea production here.