Enova supports NOK 7,7 millions for shore connection

40 søkere kjempet om 140 millioner kroner i Enovas andre utlysingsrunde for landstrøm. Westcon Ølen fikk den største tildelingen på Haugalandet.

Seven percent of greenhouse gas emissions from ships occurs while ships are docked. Shore connection is therefore an important measure to reduce global emissions, but also local pollution and noise.

In Westcon application it was emphasized flexibility where the inverter is supplied container based. It allows that the systems can be easily moved and used at the locations at any given time where the biggest need for shore power. Enova has granted 7.7 million in funding for the project.

– Traditionally, we have had the biggest needs at the three rig quays in Ølen and the systems will primarily be used here. It is applied for support for the construction of two inverters with a total capacity of 2,000 kVA with associated wiring, outlet and transformer. Shore power plant will deliver 400/440/690 volts at 50/60 Hertz and provide up to three rigs or several smaller ships, says Kristian Matre, trainee in sales and marketing at Westcon Power & Automation (WPA). He has teamed up with offers responsible Stian Risdal designed application for Westcon.

System builders themselves

Westcon has a lot of expertise in-house, and the project is yet another example of projects developed and implemented across departments. Matre hopes the construction starts quickly and that the facilities are ready for summer.

– WPA department Husøy has good experience of the supply of shore power facility where they have developed their own shore solutions, and they will deliver the two shore containers for this project. Westcon Yards will build steel foundations for containers, and WPA Ølen is responsible for the installation, removal and cabling, says Matre.

– What will shore connection means for Westcon, customers and neighbors?

– Shore connections are for Westcon a Kinder egg. Rigs and ships can use shore power under onshore, and they get less operating hours of its generators, thereby reducing costs associated with maintenance and fuel. For neighbors and local Westcon reduce their local emissions in terms of noise, and the air quality is improved. Globally, it means a significant reduction of greenhouse gases such as CO2 and NOx, and will be an important contributor to the green shift, says Matre.

Should be at least 10 percent more energy efficient

Westcon wants to go in front to reduce their energy consumption. In this connection, the shipyard’s department in Ølen also applied for and been granted funding to Enova’s program “supporting the introduction of energy management.”

– Here we will receive funds to identify and raise own competence on own energy consumption, as well as establishing an energy management system in our own organization. It involves establishing and monitoring in an action plan with energy saving measures and targets, which together will improve the shipyards energy efficiency by at least 10 percent over a period of five years. We are very pleased that Enova make such projects realizable, says Matre.

– This is a competition where the best projects win. We are pleased that we reached this time and for us it is an incentive that Enova allocates these funds. It encourages further development of onshore power systems, which will provide a greater degree of environmental length for vessels and rigs docked at Westcon. Not least shore connection is important to reduce emissions of smoke and noise both at the shipyard and for our neighbors, says Øystein Matre, CEO of Westcon Yards.