About us

Westcon Olvondo was established 6th of December 2012 as a result of a so-called management buyout of the production facilities of the Wärtsilä gear and propeller factory at Rubbestadneset, Bømlo.

Westcon Olvondo continues a 110 year long production history in Rubbestadneset. The industry adventure started with the engine production from M. Haldorsen & Son Motorfabrikk in 1903 and which during the years grew to be the most significant engine factory in Norway.

The industry in Rubbestadneset has over the years experienced big changes. But still, there are today clear lines which connect back to Martinus Haldorsen and his son Haldor and their smithy. The creativity and the willingness to always develop are values Westcon Olvondo are proud to inherit from this era. As we enter new markets and products we will always have the great history in our spines.

Our mission

We shall deliver our services to selected markets in a safe manner, with quality, on time and to a competitive price.

Our vision

Together with our partners we create the industry of tomorrow.

HSE/QA overall targets

All work shall be performed with no injuries to people, the environment or equipment. It is of utmost importance that our employees and their families are assured that all work accomplished in Westcon Olvondo secures good health. The principles we follow are prioritized in the following order; Safety, Quality, Delivery and Cost (SQDC). This shall be clearly visible in all our activities.

Westcon Olvondo has high targets within HSE and Quality. We work hard to actively achieve satisfied customers and employees, good time planning and profitable projects.

All projects shall be planned, executed, reported and checked.

Westcon Olvondo is included in the IA-agreement system in Norway. IA (NO: Inkluderende arbeidsliv) has as target to have a place for everyone who can and wants to work. This means we shall immediately address and look for alternative solutions if an employee has sick leave or is in danger of entering into sick leave.

Westcon Olvondo targets people work conditions which means we are open and honest where cooperation and communication are corner stones internally as well as externally.

We believe in open cooperation with our customers and we want to have a work space where we together build on the individual’s strengths.